DASCO PRO, Inc. has been in the forged hand tool industry since 1922. Our company has been a leader of innovation, new packaging and superior technology for 89 years.

In 1984, DASCO merged with angle finder manufacturer Pro Products and formed DASCO PRO, Inc. Today DASCO PRO, Inc. offers the highest quality line of striking tools, a complete line of angle finders, fiberglass replacement handles, and boundary marker/reflectors.

Our production facilities include three manufacturing plants in Rockford, IL. totaling 216,000 square feet. The upset head on the largest striking tools was developed and trademarked as Targethead® tools in 1948.

This feature gives a large surface to strike and allows protection to the hand holding the tool.

The DASCO PRO TargetGuard® tool holder is featured on all of our best selling Targethead® struck tools. The TargetGuard® offers a 3 ¾” circle of protection against glancing blows and missed hits. Our TargetGuard® is made of a special blend of durable molded plastic that is permanently force-fit around the shaft of select striking tools and is a DASCO PRO exclusive. It features a full 360-degree handhold for a firm, comfortable grip.

We pad print our tools with epoxy ink that is easily legible to the customer, giving size, tool name, model number, warnings and “Made in USA” information. All products have an individual UPC code. Our company is EDI integrated.

DASCO PRO is a member of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association.