Dasco Bars Lil Bar
Dasco Pro

Small Pry Bars

Dasco Pro small pry bars are designed for professionals and homeowners alike. Our small bars have a variety of nail slots for pulling small nails, tacks and gun nails. They have sharp edges for prying, pulling and scraping.

222-05-1/2" Lil' Bar5-1/2"0183710222005
227-07/1/2" Ultra Bar II7-1/2"0183715023135
2231-09-1/2" Trim/Pry Bar9-1/2"0183715019725
2225-1/2" Lil' Bar5-1/2"0183710022265
2277/1/2" Ultra Bar II7-1/2"0183715024435
Dasco Bars Wrecking Bar
Dasco Pro

Pry Bars

The Dasco Pro pry bars include a wide range of prying, ripping, nail pulling bars. Designed and manufactured in the USA with high carbon, heat treated American steel.

23117-3/4" Straight Ripping Bar 17-3/4"01813710023183
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