Dasco Pro Center Punch
Dasco Pro

Center Punches

Dasco Pro Center punches have a precision ground point for making accurate hole starting easier. Made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated. Use on metals softer than their point.

530-01/4" Center Punch4"0183710530063
531-05/16" Center Punch4-1/2"0183710531053
532-07/16" Center Punch5" 0183710532043
534-05-1/2" Center Punch 5-1/2" 0183710534023
5301/4" Center Punch4"0183710053023
5315/16" Center Punch4-1/2"0183710053193
5327/16" Center Punch5"0183710053263
5341/2" Center Punch 5-1/2"0183710053403
Dasco Pro Prick Punch
Dasco Pro

Prick Punches

Dasco Pro Prick punches are used to mark and scribe work pieces. Made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated. Use on metals softer than their points.

539-01/4" Prick Punch4"0183710539073
540-05/16" Prick Punch4-1/2"0183710540033
541-03/8" Prick Punch5" 0183710541023
5391/4" Prick Punch4"0183710053953
5405/16" Prick Punch4-1/2"0183710054013
5413/8" Prick Punch5"0183710054183
Dasco Pro Solid Punch
Dasco Pro

Solid Punches

Dasco Pro Solid Punches are made of heat treated high carbon steel. It is a perfect tool for loosening frozen or tight pins and keys or knocking out rivets. Once loosened, follow up with a pin punch to drive the pin or key out. It can be used on any softer metal.

564-01/8" Solid Punch5"0183715023993
565-05/32" Solid Punch5-1/2"0183715024053
566-03/16" Solid Punch7" 0183715024123
5641/8" Solid Punch5"0183715028943
5655/32" Solid Punch5-1/2"0183715029003
5663/16" Solid Punch7"0183715029173
Dasco Pro Pin Punch
Dasco Pro

Pin Punches

Dasco Pro Pin punches are used to remove a pin or key. Use a pin punch that is one size smaller than the pin being driven to prevent damage to the side walls containing the pin.

581-03/32" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710581003
582-01/8" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710582093
583-05/32" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710583083
584-03/16" Pin Punch6"0183710584073
589-01/4" Pin Punch6" 0183710589023
590-05/16" Pin Punch6"0183710590083
592-01/16" Pin Punch4-1/2" 0183710592063
5813/32" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710058143
5821/8" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710058213
5835/32" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710058383
5843/16" Pin Punch5-1/2"0183710058453
5891/4" Pin Punch6"0183710058903
5905/16" Pin Punch6"0183710059063
5921/16" Pin Punch4-1/2"0183710059203
Dasco Pro Roll Pin Punch
Dasco Pro

Roll Pin Punches

Precision machined Roll Pin Punches are specifically designed to remove spring/roll pins. The heat treated point has a rounded nib to center the point into the pin allowing the point shoulder to maintain maximum contact with the pin during removal. The punch shaft allows for a long, straight removal of the pin without damaging the pin wall material.

Dasco Pro offers a range of punch point sizes to accurately fit the pin size to be removed. All Roll Pin Punches are made of high strength steel for years of reliable, durable service.

253-01/8" Roll Pin Punch4"0183710005363
255-03/16" Roll Pin Punch4-1/2"0183710005503
2531/8" Roll Pin Punch4"0183710004133
2545/32" Roll Pin Punch4-1/2"0183710004203
2567/32" Roll Pin Punch5"0183710004443
Dasco Pro Drift Punch
Dasco Pro

Drift/Alignment Punches

Dasco Pro drift punches feature a long, tapered point to aid in aligning and sizing holes in various materials. Made in USA of high carbon steel that has been heat treated to provide many years of use.

601-01/8" Drift Punch8"0183710060193
602-05/32" Drift Punch10"0183710007343
603-03/16" Drift Punch9"0183710603013
604-03/16" Drift Punch11"0183715024813
606-01/4" Drift Punch12"0183710606083
6011/8" Drift Punch8"0183710601033
6033/16" Drift Punch9"0183710060333
604 3/16" Drift Punch11"0183715033103
6061/4" Drift Punch10"0183710060643
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