Dasco Mansonry Brick Mason Chisel
Dasco Pro

Brick Sets

Dasco Pro brick sets are designed for scoring, cutting and trimming bricks and blocks. Made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated, these mason chisels feature a sharp, durable cutting edge for years of use.

434-02-1/2" Brick Set7"0183710434033
435-03" Brick Set7"0183710435023
436-03-1/2" Brick Set7"0183710436013
437-04" Brick Set7"0183710437003
4342-1/2" Brick Set7"0183710043433
4353" Brick Set7"0183710043503
4363-1/2" Brick Set7"0183710043673
4374" Brick Set7"0183710043743
Dasco Mason Chisel
Dasco Pro

Mason Chisels

Dasco Pro Mason Chisels are ideal for cutting or shaping brick, cement block, cinder block, or trimming excess mortar.

332-01-1/4" Mason's Chisel7-1/2"0183710332063
333-01-3/4" Mason's Chisel7-1/2"0183710333053
334-02-1/4" Mason's Chisel7-1/2"0183710334043
335-02-3/4" Mason's Chisel7-1/2"0183710335033
3321-1/4" Mason's Chisel7-1/2"0183710033223
3331-3/4" Masons Chisel7-1/2"0183710033393
3342-1/4" Masons Chisel7-1/2"0183710033463
3352-3/4" Masons Chisel7-1/2"0183710033533
Dasco Masonry Flat Utility Chisel
Dasco Pro

Flat Utility Chisels

The Dasco Pro Flat Utility chisel is used for cutting metal and other materials softer than the heat-treated cutting edge.

337-01-1/4" Flat Utility Chisel12"0183710337013
3371-1/4" Flat Utility Chisel12"0183710003523
Dasco Pro

Plugging Chisels

Dasco Pro Plugging chisels are specially designed with tapered blade to clean mortar joints easily without binding. They also feature Dasco Pro’s exclusive TargetHead™ design that increases the striking area and reduces spalling and mushrooming.

4763/16" Plugging Chisel10"01837100476310
Dasco Pro

Masonry Chisels with TargetGuard

Dasco Pro Mason Chisels are ideal for cutting or shaping brick, cement block, cinder block, or trimming excess mortar. The target head has been designed to help protect hands from missed hits and to reduce mushrooming from repeated blows.

G3331-3/4" Masons Chisel w/TG7-1/2"0183710009873
G3342-1/4" Masons Chisel w/TG7-1/2"0183710009943
G3352-3/4" Masons Chisel w/TG7-1/2"0183710010073
G4353" Brick Set w/TG7"0183710010903
G4363-1/2" Brick Set w/TG7"0183710011063
G4374" Brick Set w/TG7"0183710011133
G3371-1/4" Flat Utility Chisel w/TG12"0183710010143
G4803/4" Concrete Chisel w/TG12"0183710011823
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